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Are you Gonna Bingo?


Sun Bingo

We worked with the director of People Just do Nothing, Jack Clough, to rewrite everyone's favourite Funky House classic 'Are you gonna bang doe'. Featuring comedienne extraordinaire, Jayde Adams, we created a 2 minute promo that was heard all across the UK, from classrooms to boardrooms, from Denby to Tenby.

And even all the way out in Scratchy Bottom.

I also got to debut my career as a rapping horse. Nice.

“That twatty 'Are you gonna bingo' advert makes me want to scoop my eyes out with a fucking spork."


"Are you gonna bingo?
Is nothing sacred?"
"You guys surely remember Jayde Adams from the sun bingo advert right? “Are you gonna bingo”


British Arrows - Bronze 

David reviews 5*

Drum ad of the week

WhichBingo Awards - Marketing Campaign of the Year

AdTurds - Worst advert of 2018


ECD: Yan Elliott, Dave Buonaguidi

CD: Danny Hunt

Creatives: Jon Coates and Josh Welton

Director: Jack Clough

Photographer: Alan Powdrill

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