Are you gonna Bingo?

Sun Bingo integrated campaign 2018

When the Sun Bingo pitch first came into the building, we weren't sure quite where it would take us.

A few months later, we'd worked with the director of People Just do Nothing, Jack Clough. Had a laugh with comedian Jayde Adams. Rewritten everyone's favourite Funky House classic Are you gonna bang doe. And debuted a career as a rapping horse. Nice.

The result. An absolute earworm that got talked about all over the industry. And more importantly, by real people.

British Arrows - Bronze - Financial & Corporate services

David reviews 5*

Drum ad of the week

WhichBingo Awards - Marketing Campaign of the Year

AdTurds - Worst advert of 2018

Agency: The & Partnership London

ECD: Yan Elliott, Dave Buonaguidi

CD: Danny Hunt

Creatives: Jon Coates and Josh Welton

Director: Jack Clough

Photographer: Alan Powdrill


Rugby World Cup 2019 Idents

Working with an awesome team, we set out to use the 2019 Rugby World Cup to introduce fans to a more philosophical side of the game.


The idents connect the power and strategy of rugby to Japanese concepts such as Wa (harmony comes before the self), Nintai (with perseverance we can endure the unbearable) and Danshari (the Marie Kondo-esque notion that there is art in decluttering), in order to give viewers a different perspective on the sport.

David Reviews 4*

Agency: Karmarama

ECD: Nik Studzinski

CD: Robert Amstel, Matthew Lancod

Creatives: Jon Coates, Josh Welton

Director: Basak Erol


Christmas you can believe in

Lidl Christmas campaign 2019

Following the launch of Lidl's Big on brand platform in 2019, we were tasked with working out what the brand should be Big on around Christmas.

With Lidl giving people the chance to buy some pretty outrageous stuff, at stupidly low prices, it gave us the chance to position Lidl as the brand that believed, above all, in the true magic of Christmas - The food.

And so Big on a Christmas you can believe in was born. A 60" film celebrating all the best bits of Christmas. And, a strategic backbone for Lidl at Christmas that lasts to this day.

David Reviews 4*

Agency: Karmarama

ECD: Nik Studzinski

CD: Luke Ramm, Joe Holt

Creatives: Jon Coates, Josh Welton

Director: Vince Squibb


ITV Movie Idents

Just Eat sponsorship

Not going to lie, probably the most fun I've had in advertising. A great shoot, working with some lovely people. And the result, some fun idents for Just Eat, playing with an idea we can all agree, is. very important - breaking for lunch.


The spots took the form of behind-the-scenes content caught on the sets of a period drama, an action movie, and a fantasy blockbuster.

Agency: Karmarama

ECD: Nik Studzinski

Creatives: Jon Coates, Josh Welton

Director: Juliet May

maxresdefault (1).jpg


The Big on campaign Plus

Since Karmarama won the Lidl business in 2019, we've been involved in various campaigns, bits and pieces of thinking and a fair few ads.

We helped launch the original Big on campaign. Then proceeded to tackle Big on Summer, Big on babies, Big on Christmas and Big on Spring. Oh, and we introduced a new saxy feeling for Lidl Plus.

All in all, helping Lidl increase its market share year on year and helping build a strong relationship between Lidl and Karmarama.

Here are a few bits:

Agency: Karmarama

ECD: Nik Studzinski

CD: Luke Ramm, Joe Holt

Creatives: Jon Coates, Josh Welton


Youth Can Do It

Prince's Trust brand platform

As one of our first campaigns, we helped develop the Youth Can Do It platform and created print, social and digital assets for the campaign.

The campaign was launched with a 60" TV spot, directed by Oscar-winning director Andrea Arnold.

We worked with award-winning photographer Adam Hinton to create empowering print, championing some of the characters from the film. And, alongside the design department, developed a new font for the brand to carry their new messaging.

On social, we created a movement with ambassadors Tom Hardy and Dynamo.

And #YouthCanDoIt reached over 9.3m Twitter accounts. With positive press coverage, including in The Metro and The Daily Mirror, we reached an additional 5,500,986 people.

Cannes Lions - Bronze - Film Craft

British Arrows - Gold - Craft Writing
British Arrows - Shortlist - Charity & Public Service
British Arrows - Shortlist - Best Original Composition
British Arrows - Shortlist - Craft Directing
British Arrows - Shortlist - Craft Casting

Creative Circle - Gold - Best Casting
Creative Circle - Bronze - Best Editing


Agency - CHI&Partners

Executive Creative Director - Yan Elliott

Creative Director - Danny Hunt

TV Creatives - Angus Vine, Toby Brewer

Print Creatives - Jon Coates, Josh Welton

Head of Design - Marc Donaldson

Design - Richard Forder

Photography - Adam Hinton

Retouching - Charlie Townsend, Rob Swainson


Britain's Biggest Matchmaker

AutoTrader brand platform launch

AutoTrader wanted a big campaign platform to match their big online car trading platform. So, we looked to the heart of what they do, and realised that really, when all is said and done, they're a Matchmaker. Britain's Biggest Matchmaker to be exact.

Matching more people and cars than anyone else.

And so, AutoTrader's "most significant marketing campaign" (their words) was born. 

Unfortunately, their budget didn't stretch to us actually producing the ads. So, although we wrote them, please excuse some of the production choices.

David Reviews 4*

Agency: Karmarama

ECD: Dan Rutherford

Creatives: Jon Coates, Josh Welton, Rachel Holding

Production: Omni Productions